Contract Terms

Updated on: 22nd November 2015

Effective Date: 22nd November 2015

Dear Customer,

Thanks! For Trusting and Believing that we would be able to design and develop, the best ever website that you always dreamed of.

Troika Tech Services website usage Terms and Conditions has been attached.

We would like to keep it simple and straight.

The best part is nothing is hidden.

So why worry,

Let’s go through some of “Troika’s Tech Services” website development,

Terms and Conditions:

  1.  50 percent payment needs to be made before we start working on the website and remaining 50 percent after completion. In some cases there would a change in percentage or we might even ask for 100% payment as per the scope of work.

Discount would not be offered after the project completion.

Your website would be taken Live and the required passwords would be handed over only after we receive the final payment.

  1.  The charges mentioned in the quotation are for website design and development which is a one-time fee.

You are eligible for first 14 Day’s Free Online Technical Support. If you need Maintenance and Technical Support. Kindly ask our representative about the charges.

Domain would be registered only after we receive the payment.

The design and development work would start only after you have finalized the template design.

Template Design once selected and finalized by the authorized or concerned person representing the company, firm, organization, small, medium or large business house it would be communicated in an email. The template design once selected can’t be changed. If you would like to change template design and so would like us to work on a new design, then you would have to clear all the dues that is pay the total project cost as per the agreement, only after the dues are cleared we would start working again on the new design.

If you have given us the authority to select the template and design the website then you would have no authority over the selection of the template.

We offer website template option’s as per your industry and you are requested to select the best possible template which would suit and fulfill your needs.

Also, complete customization of the website design would not be possible. As every design has its limitations. We request you to share major design changes if any within 24 hours post finalization of the website template design. So that accordingly we can inform you if that particular feature can be incorporated.

During the course of designing and developing your website, if you feel that you would need more features to be added to your website. We would give you the quotation’s for the same and you would have to give an email confirmation saying that you have agreed to the additional cost.

  1. 1 year fees of 1 domain and hosting for 1 website is included in the total cost. If you already have the domain and hosting, the amount quoted would only be for the website design and development.

You would have to provide the cPanel ID and Password of your Website Hosting. Server’s where your current website is hosted should be compatible with the latest technology and if isn’t, it’s your responsibility to get it updated.

  1. You are responsible to renew your domain name every year and hosting. However we would be sending you timely reminders once it is due for renewal, if the domain is purchased from Troika Tech Services.
  1.  If any discount was provided in the scenario where you have the domain or hosting or both. The details of the deal would be mentioned in the Invoice or the email that would send during or after the finalisation of the website development or re-development deal.
  1. Renewal fees would be 10% of the total cost or INR 2000 or as per the Hosting Plan whichever is more; we do not have any control over the costing of domain and hosting it completely depends upon the Dollar rate and the international scenario, if there are any changes in the cost the same would be communicated to you.

For the 1st year, We offer domain and hosting at a discounted rate.

If you have opted for any special services apart from what is included in the basic package, you would charged extra and this would be communicated you.

  1.  It usually takes 14 to 21 working days for the website to be completed after we receive the advance payment, complete content and images. You would be notified by email once your website is complete.

We would need your co-operation and support to complete the website within the stipulated time.  If there is any delay and the project becomes unfeasible, it would be communicated to you.

  1.  After your website is complete as per the content provided by you. You would be given an option to review your website three (3) times before it is published in a span of 10 working days
  1.  Any changes post ten (10) working days after your website is complete or after three (3) reviews would be chargeable as per changes required.
  1.  If there are any changes after the website design and development is complete and after the final submission, you will be charged for the changes. The charges will be communicated after the scope of work.
  1.  The Quotation amount agreed upon will be fixed for fifteen (15) days from the date of Quotation. After that period the Company shall be entitled to amend the order amount to take into account any increases in its standard price list or change in the offer price.
  1.  If you feel that your privacy has been breached, please contact us to discuss your concerns. Once the website ID and Password, or any other passwords are shared, it is your responsibility to take utmost care and take all steps to protect all your data under all circumstances.
  1.  The charges specified are fixed, there are no hidden charges. We do not have any control over the policies and the services offered by 3rd party service provider that is your email, hosting and domain.
  1.  If due to any reason, You would not like to continue working with us. Then we would be communicating the cost incurred by us. Once you pay that cost we would complete the handover process. That is we will provide the ID and Passwords and also the website files.
  1.  Domain and Hosting fees are non- refundable.
  1.  Client takes complete responsibility of the content and photographs that are provided or used to develop the website. We Troika Tech Services are not responsible to take any copyright permissions and should not be held responsible for any infringement of Copyright laws of any country or under any jurisdiction.

If the respective client has authorised a concerned person to communicate on his / her  / company / organisation / institution behalf and if that person has been communicating with us throughout the quotation finalization and development period of the website from the official or designated email id, we would consider the communication received from that person as the authorised and final communication. We have no obligation to confirm the authenticity of the communication with the stakeholders or the owners of the respective company / organisations / institution.

  1.  We do not monitor or review the content of other party’s websites which are linked to or from the client’s website. Hence, you are responsible for the security of the website.
  1.  Opinions expressed or material appearing on the websites developed by Troika Tech Services is not necessarily shared or endorsed by us and should not be regarded as the publisher of such opinions or material.
  1.  You should evaluate the security and trustworthiness of any other site connected to your site or accessed through this site yourself, before disclosing any personal information to them. This Company will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage in whatever manner, howsoever caused, resulting from your disclosure to third parties or due to any compromise in security of personal information.
  1.  We expect you to provide the complete data which is required to design and develop your website within 48 to 72 hours post the advance payment. If there is a delay in providing the details, we expect you to communicate it by email. We will start working on your website only after we receive complete content with images.

You would have to eMail the content or upload the content in the respective Cloud Service account provided by us.

  1.  If there is delay beyond 28 working days in providing the content, we hold the right to change the website quotation amount. The same would be communicated to you by email. If there are repeated delays in cooperating, in that case we would be forced to charge a penalty on per day basis.

If the project is delayed beyond 180 days, we would consider the agreement between us nulled and void. In that case no refund would be provided and also you would not be given any website related files.

  1.  We would not be integrate any 3rd Party Software into your website.

If you have any concerns, kindly share with us.

We are there to serve you always.

Once again, Thanks for joining Troika Family!

Team Troika